I'm Félix Dorn,

A full-stack developer with 5+ years of experience.

About me

I focus on intranets or complex interconnected systems. That's what I like the most!

On the side, I like to get wild and build unique websites (very much like this one) or build stuff like:


(2019) I worked with Strasbourg's Management University for a (now discontinued) project called La rûche à projets (a class-management system). It taught me to avoid homemade ("internal") frameworks. Really. I mean it. I lost so much time.

(2019-now) Then, I continued to explore the freelance world and worked with a few clients on small-sized projects. I also built web and desktop applications on the side. I never got to market any of them.

(2020) I mentored the lead developer at SPRIG. He also happens to be my older brother by 5 years but he speaks so kindly of the way I teach, I had to include it somewhere.

This would never have been possible without the help of my little brother, Félix. He taught me everything I know in two days, condensing what he learned in a few years so I did not have to go through the lengthy try-fail-repeat-learn process. ─ thefractal.space

Now, he's building SPRIG and its web app for a living.

(2021)Pioneer reached out to me.

(2022) I went all the way through the last round of interviews for funding at Pioneer, but then I got told to finish high school first. Fair enough.

Open source

Pull Requests
35+ PRs
30+ packages
160+ stars

Here's my opendor.me page for more details.

My stack

Laravel, Tailwind, Inertia, Vue. The "VITL" stack.
In addition, I use these lower level server-ish technologies quite a lot:
Golang, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Terraform.


In high school (17 y.o).


  • French (native)
  • English (C1)