I’m Félix Dorn, a backend developer loving frontend related things. I’m fond of privacy, math experiments, learning new things and last but not least, writing consistent and testable code.


You can either contact me at hi[at]felixdorn[dot]fr or using Keybase.

pub rsa3072 2020-02-01 [SC] [expires: 2022-01-31] D058A8C10C1794F6D3122623934065C4727D2C72
uid [ultimate] Felix Dorn <contact@felixdorn.fr>
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If you feel generous, you can send me some ETH at 0x59a20d960ca8931dd7ec04b0a91726c1107b5646

How works the website

I made it using Hexo, an awful static site generator with outdated, unclear documentation, won’t use it again.

Hosted on OrangeWebsite, privacy-aware hosting service, in Iceland.


I do not track you, no Google Analytics, no Matomo or whatever. I can only get the number of visitors while parsing anonymized logs.