The privacy of my visitors is important to me so I do not track any individual people. As you are visiting the website:

  • No personally identifiable information is collected
  • No information is shared with advertising companies
  • No information is monetized

Table of contents

As a visitor

Various informations are collected for various reasons:

  • For behavioral analysis:
    • Clicks
    • Mouse movements
    • Referer Header
    • User-Agent Header
    • Interactions with forms and generally, interactive elements.
  • To sometimes identify you based on behavioral patterns:

    You are part of the tracked visitors (opt out)

    This data is collected for a small sample of users, you may opt out to tell my services, through the use of a cookie, that you do not want to be tracked this way.
    • Clicks
    • Mouse Movements
    • Typing Speed
    • Typing Accuracy
    • Keyboard Usage
    • Navigation Patterns
    • Scrolling Patterns
  • To compare behavior-based (the above approach) and data-based fingerprinting:

    You are part of the tracked visitors (opt out)

    • Audio-Related Hardware Information
    • Canvas Data (unless you're using a good browser that blocks it, like Firefox. Use Firefox.)
    • Screen Related Hardware (Color Depth, Color Gamut, Contrast)
    • Installed Extensions & Adblockers
    • Installed Fonts
    • Teamviewer Version
    • Languages
    • Available Browser APIs
    • Timezone
    • Specific Browser Quirks

The behavioral data associated with your visits will be automatically removed from my services if inactive for 30 consecutive days.

As a newsletter subscriber

Your email address is stored on my servers. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletter. Your email address should be immediately deleted from my servers, however, please allow up to 30 days for the deletion to take place in case of technical issues or other.

We may also collect the following information:

  • Images loaded through your email client
    Each subscribers sees the same images, if any, but the URI is slightly different for every image, allowing me to measure open rates.

Third Parties

We share your email with the following third-party services:

  • AWS Simple Email Service